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Iced Akutaq.jpg
Iced akutaq made from raspberries and blueberries
Alternative namesEskimo ice cream, Native ice cream, Alaskan ice cream
Place of originUnited States, Canada and Russia
Region or stateAlaska, Canadian Arctic, Sakha and Siberia
Created byEskimo of Alaskan Natives, Yakuts and Native Siberians
Serving temperatureCold
Main ingredientsMeat or fish, fat, sweetener, berries

Akutaq is a food in western Alaska and northern Canada. It is a Yup'ik word, meaning something mixed.[1] Other names include agutak (ᐊᑯᑕᖅ), Eskimo ice cream, Indian ice cream, Native ice cream or Alaskan ice cream. Traditionally it was made with whipped fat mixed with berries like cranberries, salmonberries, crowberries, cloudberries (also known as salmonberry in Alaska), and blueberries, fish, tundra greens, or roots with animal oil or fat. It may also include whitefish, caribou tallow, moose tallow, walrus tallow, or seal oil. There is also a kind of akutaq which is called snow akutaq.

Recent additions include sugar, milk, and Crisco.[citation needed]

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