Akwáwa language

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Native toBrazil
EthnicitySuruí do Pará, Asuriní, Parakanã
Native speakers
700 (1999)[1]
to 1,500 (1995–2006)[2]
Language codes
ISO 639-3Variously:
asu – Asuriní
mdz – Suruí
pak – Parakanã

Akwáwa is a Tupi–Guarani dialect cluster spoken in Pará in western Brazil.


There are three distinct dialects:[1]

  • Asuriní (of Tocantins or Trocará), or Akwawa
  • Suruí (of Tocantins or Pará), or Akewara
  • Parakanã, Awaeté

Both the name Asuriní and Suruí are used for related peoples and their languages: Suruí of Jiparaná, Suruí of Rondônia, Asuriní of Xingú, etc.


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