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AL, Al or al may stand for:



Science and technology[edit]



Past culture[edit]

  • Al (folklore), a spirit in Persian and Armenian mythology
  • Al Basti, a tormenting female night demon in Turkish folklore
  • Liber AL, the central sacred text of Thelema
  • Al, a given name, usually short for Albert, Alphonse, Allan, Alfred, or Alexander

Modern culture[edit]


Al is often short for Alfred or Albert

  • Al Bedner (1898–1988), American football player
  • Al Bloomingdale (born 1953), American player of Canadian football
  • Al Bolton (1925–2014), American television and radio meteorologist from Shreveport, Louisiana
  • Al Capone (1899–1947), prominent Chicago gangster from the 1920s
  • Al Darby (born 1954), American football player
  • Al Davis (1929-2011), American football coach and owner (Oakland Raiders)
  • Al Green (born 1946), American R&B musician
  • Al Hoptowit (1915–1981), American football player
  • Al Horford, Dominican basketball player
  • Al Israel, American actor
  • Al Jolson (1886-1950), American singer and actor
  • Al Latimer (born 1957), American football player
  • Al or Alec Lazo, Cuban-American dancer
  • Al Levine (born 1968), American major league baseball pitcher
  • Al McCoy (boxer) (Alexander Rudolph; 1894–1966), American world champion middleweight boxer
  • Al Pacino (born 1940), actor and director
  • Al Romano (born 1954), American football player
  • Al Roker (born 1954), American television broadcaster
  • Al Rosen (born 1924), American major league baseball All Star and MVP
  • Al Sapienza (born 1962), actor
  • Al Shook (1899–1984), American football player
  • Al Singer ("The Bronx Beauty"; 1909–61), American world champion lightweight boxer
  • Al Valdes, Canadian football player
  • Al Witcher (born 1936), American football player
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic (born 1959), American parody singer



Other uses[edit]

  • Al-, Arabic prefix meaning "the" (definite article in Arabic)
  • Al (Arabic: آل‎‎), meaning "family of" and distinct from the definite article Arabic: ال‎‎, used in some family names in Arabic; see Arabic names
  • Alternative List, a Swiss political party
  • Anno Lucis, a Masonic dating tradition

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