Alès Cathedral

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This article refers to Alès Cathedral in France; for Ales Cathedral in Italy, see Ales Cathedral (Sardinia)

Alès Cathedral

Alès Cathedral (Cathédrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste d'Alès) is a Roman Catholic church located in the town of Alès in the department of Gard, France. It is a national monument.

Alès was formerly a centre of the Huguenots and was taken only after a long siege by Louis XIII in 1627. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Alès was established here in 1694, at which time the construction of the cathedral began, but was not restored after the French Revolution: by the Concordat of 1801 its parishes were divided between the dioceses of Avignon and Mende.

Alès and its cathedral lie near the start of The Regordane Way, or St. Gilles Trail, an ancient road and medieval pilgrimage route.

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