Alí Chumacero

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Alí Chumacero

Alí Chumacero Lora (9 July 1918 – 22 October 2010) was a Mexican poet.


Chumacero was born in Acaponeta, Nayarit. He was the joint editor of Tierra Nueva magazine from 1940-42. He edited Letras de México and El Hijo Pródigo.

Between 1952-53, Chumacero received scholarships for the Colegio de México and for the Mexican Center of Writers. He became a member of the Mexican Academy of Language in 1964. He was an advisor for the Fondo de Cultura Económica.[citation needed]

Chumacero edited La cultura en México (a cultural supplement to the Mexican newspapers Novedades and Ovaciones).[citation needed]


He died in Mexico City from pneumonia in 2010, aged 92.


Chumacero's works include:

  • Desert of Dreams (Páramo de sueños) (1944)
  • Exiled Images (Imágenes desterradas) (1948)
  • Words in Rest (Palabras en reposo) (1956). He received a national tribute in 1996 for his third book, Words in Rest, for its cultural work and poetic creation.
  • The critical moments (Los momentos críticos)