Al-Ahram Hebdo

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Al Ahram Hebdo
Type Weekly newspaper
Publisher Al Ahram publishing house
Editor-in-chief Fouad Mansour
News editor Chérif Soliman
Founded 1994; 23 years ago (1994)
Language French
Headquarters Cairo
ISSN 1110-5062
OCLC number 32526243
Website Al-Ahram Hebdo

Al-Ahram Hebdo is a French-language weekly newspaper in Egypt.[1]

History and profile[edit]

Al Ahram Hebdo was established in 1994[2] by the Al Ahram publishing house which also owns Al-Ahram newspaper, an English-language version, and Al Ahram Weekly.[3] The paper which is published weekly[4] is based in Cairo.[5]

Mohamed Salmawy is one of the former editors-in-chief.[6][7] Hisham Mourad also served as editor-in-chief. He was appointed to the post in January 2011.[8] In June 2014, Fouad Samir Mansour was appointed editor-in-chief of the weekly.[9]

Dina Abdel Mooti Darwich, an Egyptian journalist who won the first Samir Kassir Prize in 2006, is among the contributors of the weekly.[10]

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