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Al-Alam (logo).png
Type Daily newspaper
Editor-in-chief Omar Al Darkoli
Founded 1946; 72 years ago (1946)
Language Arabic
Headquarters Rabat
Sister newspapers L'Opinion
Website Al Alam

Al-Alam (The Flag in English) is an arabophone Moroccan daily newspaper.[1]

History and profile[edit]

Al Alam was founded in September 1946.[1][2] The paper, based in Rabat,[3] is the organ of the nationalist Istiqlal party.[4][5][6] The party also publishes L'Opinion.[4]

During the mid-1970s the paper was frequently banned by the Moroccan authorities together with its sister publication, L'Opinon, and Al Muharrir, another oppositional paper.[7]

The 2001 circulation of Al Alam was 100,000 copies, making it the second largest daily in the country.[8] It was 18,000 copies in 2003.[5]

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