Al-Ameen Mission

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Al-Ameen Mission
আল-আমীন মিশন
Al-Ameen Mission Junior Boys.jpg

Khalatpur, Udaynarayanpur, Howrah, West Bengal

City office: 53 B, Elliot Road, Park Street, Kolkata - 700016
Affiliation WBBSE

Al-Ameen Mission (আল-আমীন মিশন)is a residential institute located in a village Khalatpur in Howrah district of West Bengal, India. Established in 1986 it is now spread across 17 districts of the state with 58 branches and spread in other states like Assam, Tripura, Jharkhand. It has 12 thousand residential students now. Here passed about 20 thousands students.


The Secretary General of the Mission, M. Nurul Islam , set up the Khalatpur Junior High Madrasa in 1976 when he was still studying his 10th Standard. In May 1984, he started the Institute of Islamic Culture, setting up a hostel for the institute in 1986 in the Madrasa building itself with the collection of one fistful of rice from every home in his village, Khalatpur. In January 1987, it was renamed as Al-Ameen Mission.

Al-Ameen Mission follows the curriculum of West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE). It was awarded "The Telegraph School Award for Excellence" which it shared with the South Point High School in 2002.


As well as being an educational institute, Al-Ameen Mission does charitable works for the Muslim community. It has helped unemployed Muslims with loans and has scholarship programs to help other communities' needy students.

On 19 May 2015, Al-Ameen Mission received Banga Bhushan Award.


The mission is mostly run by donation and zakat. Muslims throughout the country contribute their zakat to the Mission, which takes care of 25% of seats reserved for poor, destitute and orphans. It has received funding from many sources such as Pataka Industries Pvt. Limited, the Maulana Azad Education Foundation and the Board of Waqfs, West Bengal.


The main campus of Mission, Al-Ameen Mission for Boys, is located at Khalatpur, Howrah. It comprises about 45 bighas (around 20 acers) of land. It consists of a five-storey boys' hostel building, a three-storey school building and a three-storey administrative building with a guest house and health center. It now has about 1115 students, with a residential staff of 200, and a part-time and non-residential staff of 50. & The other campus in Khalisani,Uluberia,Howrah


The main campus of Mission, Al-Ameen Mission.This is as a board. The main campus KHALATPUR maintain the others campus..

Teachers of Al-Ameen[edit]

Al-Ameen Mission has a good number of permanent teachers as well as visiting teachers from some reputed schools and colleges. The visiting teachers have shown passion of education beyond traditional teaching territories, as some them become long term associates of Al-Ameen to nurture the talents from the backward minorities. Of all the visiting teachers Prof. Mrinal Kanti Dowari known for being the authoring standard textbooks of higher secondary physics in west bengal remain an withstanding legacy to the Al-Ameen students. Despite most of the permanent teachers in Al-Ameen lacked what it takes to be an outstanding educator or orator during the golden age of Al-Ameen i.e. 2000 -2006(duration when the institution can be considered to have come of age), the dedication was notable regardless of their stature and meagre pay. And the students testimonials speaks out that loud. The success of Al-Ameen students is not just the success of the school but the enduring triumph of the devotion of the teachers to the most well known educational movement among bengali Muslims in recent times. However, there are few teachers which needs to be mentioned for the unequivocal support to the side of the students, be it educational, sentimental,inspirational or motivational. Dr. Mosarraf Hossain, Amir Hossain, Harun Halder, Madat Ali, S.Zakaria, Syed Shaheed-ul Islam, KMZ et al. were the patrons. Many says has these teachers were not there, Al-Ameen would have been known a lot differently. And to a big extent Dr.Mosarraf Hossain can be safely assumed to be the role model of the students by popular judgement. Dr.Hossain and Syed Shaheed-ul Islam have left Al-Ameen shortly after 2006 to start new chapters of educational movement among bengali Muslims. Dr.Hossain and Syed Shaheed-ul Islam has started Educare Institution for grooming the dream of students in higher studies which is now grouped with AshSheefa Group founded by Dr. Hossain, Dr. Farukuddin Purkait, Farhad Ahmed, Nurul Amin, all Al-Ameen alumni.


Total 63 branches.

  1. Al-Ameen Mission for Boys & Girls, khalatpur, Udaynaranpur, Howrah
  2. Al-Ameen Mission for Boys & Girls, Belpukur, Dakshin Dinajpur.
  3. Al-Ameen Mission for Boys & Girls, Patharchapri,Birbhum near the shrine of Hazrath Data Mahboob Shah Wali.
  4. Rahmany Academy for Boys & Girls, Dhulian, Murshidabad.
  5. Al-Ameen Mission for Boys, Panchur, Kolkata
  6. Al-Ameen Mission Academy for Boys, Nayabaz (Santragachhi)
  7. Al-Ameen Mission for Boys & Girls, Uluberia, Howrah.
  8. Al-Ameen Mission Akademy for Boys & Girls, Memary, Burdwan.
  9. Al-Ameen Mission for Boys, Burdwan.
  10. Al-Ameen for Boys & Girls,
  11. Al-Ameen Mission Academy for Boys, Surjapur, South 24 Parganas.
  12. Al-Ameen Mission Academy for Boys & Girls, Chapra, Nadia
  13. Al-Ameen Mission Academy for Boys, Malda
  14. Al-Ameen Mission Academy for Boys, Ujunia
  15. Al-Ameen Mission Jharbari for Boys
  16. Crescent Academy, for Boys, Umarpur
  17. Al-Ameen Academy, Pandua, Hooghly
  18. Al-Ameen Academy (Girls), Nowda, Murshidabad
  19. Al-Ameen Mission Academy,coochbehar for Boys, Howergari, Ghughumari, Cooch Behar
  20. Al-Ameen Academy, Birpur, Nadia
  21. Al-Ameen Academy, Maricha, Raninagar, Murshidabad

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