Al-Anbar governorate council election, 2005

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Al-Anbar governorate council election, 2005
30 January 2005 (2005-01-30) → 2009

All 41 seats for the al-Anbar Governorate council
Turnout 2%
  First party Second party Third party
  Tariq Al-Hashimi.jpg
Leader Tariq al-Hashimi Falah Hassan al-Naqib Misha'an al-Juburi
Party Iraqi Islamic Party Independent Iraqi Group Reconciliation and Liberation Bloc
Seats won 29 8 4
Popular vote 2,692 755 328
Percentage 71.31% 20% 8.69%

Subsequent Governor

Raja Nawaf Farhan al-Mahalawi
Iraqi Islamic Party

The election for the governorate council of Iraq's Al Anbar Governorate were held on January 30, 2005, the same date as the Iraqi legislative election.


The largely Sunni province was one of the most violent in Iraq during the Iraqi insurgency, and turnout was extremely low, with the vast bulk of Anbars residents choosing to boycott the election[1] out of a mixture of distrust for a system perceived to be unfair, and a fear of violence from insurgent groups.[2] Of the total population of some 2.2 million only 3775 voted in the governorate council election. Some 13,000 voted in the concurrently held transitional assembly elections.

Helped by the low turnout, the Iraqi Islamic Party was able to win 70.1% of the governorates council seats on a total of 2692 votes.


Party Arabic name Leader Votes Percent Seats
Iraqi Islamic Party al-Hizb al-Islami al-Airaqi Tariq al-Hashimi 2692 71.31% 29
Independent Iraqi Group al-Hia al-Airaqia al-Mustaqila Falah Hassan al-Naqib 755 20% 8
Reconciliation and Liberation Bloc Kutla al-Musalaha wa at-Tahrir Misha'an al-Juburi 328 8.69% 4
Total valid votes: 3775 100% 41
Invalid votes: 28