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Full name Al-Arabi Saudi Club
Nickname(s) Red Knight
Founded 1958
Ground Department of Education Stadium
Unaizah, Saudi Arabia
Ground Capacity 10,000
Chairman Adeeb Al-Kwiter
Manager Alia Masood
League Saudi Second Division
2010–11 Saudi Second Division, 4th in Group A

Coordinates: 26°3′51″N 43°59′48″E / 26.06417°N 43.99667°E / 26.06417; 43.99667

Al-Arabi Sports Club (Arabic: العربي‎‎), also known as Al-Arabi Al-Saudi, is a Saudi Arabian club which contains a number of sports, most notably football, basketball and handball. It based in Unaizah, Al-Qassim in 1958. Its logo has white and red colors. Al-Arabi has a fierce rivalry with local club Al-Najma, which is usually manifested in the Unaizah Derby.



Al Arabi's name means "The Arabian", Al Arabi Sporting Club was associated in Unaizah 1958, by a group of young people in city . Suleiman Al-Badi was took over the club on an informal basis. The club operated unofficially as an amateur club until 1967 when it was registered officially with the General Presidency of Youth Welfare Abdulrrhman Al-N'aim was officially took over it. The Club gain fourteen presidents from its establish until 2010, Currently Adeeb Al-Kwiter is the president.


Match between the Al-Arabi and Sdoos in Saudi Division 2.

Footboll team was qualified for the first time in 1986/ 1985 season To participate in the qualifying tournament which was held in Al-Hasa and got onto the shield,Al-Arabi played for the first time in Saudi First Division in 1986/1987 season However, It played four season until it won Saudi Premier League in 1989/1990 season . The club played one season in Saudi Premier League then relegated to the Saudi First Division four years . Then in 1994/1995 it also relegated to Saudi Second Division where it played to get a qualifier rise to Saudi First Division season 1995/1996, and failed to rise to the first division in the finals which was held in Al-Hasa. It played in the second division, which established for the first time season 1996/1997, and still there until it fell in season 1998/1999 to the third division, after playing three seasons there.And continued in the third division until managed to qualify in season 2001/2002 in final qualification which was held in Najran and got the shield. The team came back to Saudi Second Divisionseason 2002/2003. But it relegated to the third division season 2004/2005. after it played three season in second division .It return in season 2008/2009 to Saudi Second Division after getting second place in final qualification which was held in Dammam .Season 2009/2010 played in the second division and now season 2012/2013 it still play in it.

that is currently playing in the Saudi Second Division League. It ascended to the Saudi Premier League 1990–91 season, but it fail to a wali division clubs after one season

Club honours (Football)[edit]


1986, 2009

Current Technical Staff[edit]

Position Name
Manager Tunisia Alia Masood
Goalkeeping Coach Algeria Abdali Al-Aoaqbi
Under-17-team Coach Egypt Abdulaziz Ibrahim
Under-14-team Coach Egypt Tariq Sharif
Goalkeeping Coach-Youth system Egypt Tarek Atia
Head of Medical Egypt Mahmoud Karim

Coaches history[edit]


Club honours (Basketball)[edit]


Club honours (Hand Ball)[edit]





Department of Education Stadium in Unaizah.

Al-Arabi does not have a football stadium but a playground for training only and does not have strips. A sport compound was built in Unaizah with facilities for wide range of competitive sports, and the General Presidency of Youth Welfare decided to hold a draw between the city's two clubs for right to use it, and Al-Najma club gained the right without a draw. In February 2007 during an interview on a program called C.V., broadcast on the Saudi sports channel, Saleh Al-Wassel, the then president of Al-Najma, admitted that he used his influence to obtain the newly built sports facility in Unaizah.

Al Arabi is currently playing all of its home matches at the Department of Education Stadium.

Indoor facilities[edit]

Al-Arabi Pavilion was an Indoor sports arena used particularly for basketball and handball matches of Al-Arabi. located in the Al-Arabi Club, Spain. Its capacity is 7,00 people. which was built in 2007.


Adeeb Al-Kwiter Current club president.
  • Saudi Arabia Suleiman Al-Badi
  • Saudi Arabia Abdulrahman Al-Naim
  • Saudi Arabia Ahmed Al-Turki
  • Saudi Arabia Mohammed Al-Manea
  • Saudi Arabia Ibrahim Al-Zaki
  • Saudi Arabia Abdulrahman Al-Musaed
  • Saudi Arabia Ahmad Al-Mansur
  • Saudi Arabia Fahad Al-Wahaibi
  • Saudi Arabia Ahmad Al-Subaie
  • Saudi Arabia Ahmed Al-Marzouq
  • Saudi Arabia Adeeb Al-Kwiter
  • Saudi Arabia Mohammed Al-Dukahil


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