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Al-Ard (Arabic: الارض‎, "The Land") was a Palestinian political movement made up of Arab citizens of Israel active between 1958 and some time in the 1970s which attracted international attention.[1][2] Following unsuccessful efforts to secure registration of the organization as an Israeli NGO and secure it a publishing permit,[1][3] it was outlawed in 1964. The political movement's goal was, according to political historian David McDowall, "to achieve complete equality and social justice for all classes of people in Israel" and "to find a just solution for the Palestine problem as a whole, and as an indivisible unit."[2] Al-Ard's disappearance as a movement was linked both to governmental and popular resistance, with the Israeli Community Party denouncing the group and Palestinian Arab communities inside of Israel concerned that Al-Ard might destroy them.[1][4]

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