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Al-Awjam is located in Saudi Arabia
Coordinates: 26°33′30″N 49°57′1″E / 26.55833°N 49.95028°E / 26.55833; 49.95028Coordinates: 26°33′30″N 49°57′1″E / 26.55833°N 49.95028°E / 26.55833; 49.95028
Country  Saudi Arabia
Province Eastern Province
 • Total 11,460

Al-Awjam (also written Al Awjām, Al Ājām, or Ajam al Qatif) is a small city located in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the Persian Gulf. The village lies in far north-eastern corner of the Eastern Province, in a petroleum-rich region near the Ghawar and Qatif oilfields. It has a population of 11,460.[1]

Al-Awjam is located near Qatif, and, like most cities in the region, it is home to a large Shia Muslim population. This contrasts with the majority of Saudis, who are Sunni. As a result, sectarian tensions exist, especially during the Shia holy day of Ashoura.[2] Conflict has reportedly eased since 2005.[3]


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