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Al-Baggara (Arabic: السادة البَقارة‎‎, also spelled Baqqara, Buggara) is a large deep-rooted Sunni Muslim Arabian tribe widespread through Iraq, Syria and slightly of them in Turkey and Jordan, And they were called by this name in relation to their ancient grandfather Muhammad Baqir. There is a tribe with the same name in western Sudan's Darfur area and neighbouring Chad.They are also known as Baggara Arabs in English.They are cattle herders.

Baggara tribe genealogy[edit]

They are the descendants Muhammad Al-Sa'eh Bin Abdullah Bin Al-Hussein Bin Jaafar Bin Abdullah Bin Ahmed Albarakdi Bin Muhammad Shihab-Eldin Bin Abid bin Muhammed Hadi bin Abdullah bin Muhammad Albarakdi Bin Ahmad Bin Muhammad Al-Asgar Bin Muhammad Al-Thani Al-Akbar Al-Askari Bin Imam Ali Al-Hadi Bin Imam Muhammad Jawad Bin Imam Ali Al-Reda Bin Imam Musa al-Kadhim Bin Imam Jafar Sadiq Bin Imam Muhammad Baqir Bin Imam Ali Zine El Abidine Bin Imam Al-Hussein bin Ali bin Abi Talib bin Abdullmutaleb bin Hashim Al-Qurayshi.

Subdivisions of the tribe[edit]

The tribe is divided into more than thirty branches, including:

  • Albu Hassan
  • Albu Fadel
  • Albu Faraj
  • Albu Arab
  • Albu Sheikh
  • Albu Badran
  • Albu Masa
  • Albu Hamdan
  • Albu shams
  • Albu Rahma
  • Albu Mo'eash
  • Albu Muslem
  • Albu Saleh
  • Albu Sultan
  • Al Rofea'
  • Al Rashid
  • Al grajna
  • Al klizzat
  • Al manasra
  • Al hlamia
  • Al khanjer
  • Al mashahur
  • Al Abdolkarim
  • Al Sahab

and other.

Presence of the tribe[edit]

Parts of the tribe exist in Syria and Iraq with many homes and villages. They also have a small presence in Jordan and Turkey. In Syria they settle from Aleppo to Deir ez-Zor, while in Iraq they spread in Fallujah, Mosul, Ninewa and Salah al-Din. The tribe has a greater presence in Iraq than Syria, mostly in villages, with some in cities and semidesert. Some other tribes coexist with Baggara, such as the Shammar, Jabour, Ogiedat, Adwan and Fad'an and many other tribes.


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