Al-Bahadar Public High School

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البہادر پبلک ہائی اسکول
Makuana, Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan
Established 2010 (2010)
Founder Syed Ehsan Ali Bahadar
Principal Shafiq-ur-Rehman Tabasum
Number of students 800 +
Campus Rural
Mascot B-Bahadar
Nickname ABPHS


Al-Bahadar Public High School البہادر پبلک ہائی اسکول (ABPHS), Makuana, Faisalabad, Pakistan, formerly called Capital Public High School, is a school managed by the Al-Bahadar System of Education Faisalabad. Syed Ehsan Ali Bahadar is the first Director while Sir Shafiq-ur-Rehman Tabasum is the first principal. The school which has separate campuses for girls and boys, has fully computerized class rooms, a large playground, a lab, and a library. It was founded with 120 students when the Capital Public School was changed into Al-Bahadar ( on August 2010), and now has more than 800 students.


The school is affiliated with Education Department, Government of Punjab, and educating the students up to matric level

Gender of School[edit]

The school has co-education system up to Primary level. In middle and high section, only girls are being taught. Boys are allowed to get education only up to Class 5th. Before 2014, there were classes for boys as well as for girls but after coming into the partnership with Punjab Education Foundation, boys section was eliminated.

Process of Admission[edit]

The process of admission in the school in totally on merit. only students of class Nursery get admission with any test while for the rest of the classes, there is pre-admission test process. Students who want to get admission in the school have to pass through a test process according to their mental level.

Punjab Education Foundation[edit]

The school is a partner of Punjab Education Foundation (PEF), promoting education with free of cost. Voucher eligible students are getting free education: Books free & Fee off. Punjab Education Foundation is an working under Government of Punjab. The school came under the Partnership with the Foundation in 2014.

Sir Shafiq-ur-Rehman Tabasum first Principal; graduated from Govt. Islamia College Civil Lines, Lahore in 2000


The school has very transparent examination system. Basically, the whole academic year comprises on 3 terms. First Term examination takes place in the month of September. Second Term, in December while Third and Final Term Examination takes places in the month of March every year. Weekly Class Tests are in common schedule. Parents are regularly informed about the progress of students in written as well as personally. Students are specially prepared for up coming examinations of Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) and Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education.

Extra Curricular Activities[edit]

Extra curricular activities are now being considered a part of education. Keeping in view this option, some special programs are organized in the school. There is a vast playground for the students where different sports activities are observed. Meena Bazar, Sports Festival, Annual Fun Fair, Study Tours, Speech Competition, etc. is organized every year.