Al-Bahr Mosque

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al-Bahr Mosque
Deniz Camisi 162.jpg
View of the minaret
Basic information
Location Israel Jaffa, Israel
Affiliation Islam
District Central
Country Israel
Architectural description
Architectural type Mosque
Architectural style Ottoman
Completed 16th century
Minaret(s) 1

The al-Bahr Mosque or Masjid al-Bahr (Arabic: مسجد البحر‎‎, Misgad HaYam (Hebrew: מסגד הים‎‎), meaning in all languages The Sea Mosque, is the oldest extant mosque in Jaffa, Israel. It is situated on the HaAliya HaShniya Street near the harbour. Due to its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, fishermen and sailors used the mosque, as well as nearby inhabitants of the surrounding area.[1]


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Coordinates: 32°03′20″N 34°45′10″E / 32.05556°N 34.75278°E / 32.05556; 34.75278