Al-Bakri (crater)

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Al-Bakri crater 4085 h2.jpg
Coordinates 14°18′N 20°12′E / 14.3°N 20.2°E / 14.3; 20.2Coordinates: 14°18′N 20°12′E / 14.3°N 20.2°E / 14.3; 20.2
Diameter 12 km
Depth 1.0 km
Colongitude 340° at sunrise
Eponym Abu Abdullah al-Bakri
Oblique view from Apollo 15

Al-Bakri (Arabic: البكري‎‎) is a small lunar crater on the northwest edge of Mare Tranquillitatis. It is just south of the eastern arm of the Montes Haemus that borders the Mare Serenitatis to the north. To the east-northeast is the prominent crater Plinius. South of the crater are the rilles of the Rimae Maclear.

Al-Bakri was designated Tacquet A prior to being assigned a name by the IAU. The tiny Tacquet lies to the northwest on the Mare Serenitatis.