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Coordinates: 35°7′36.6″N 69°19′3.3″E / 35.126833°N 69.317583°E / 35.126833; 69.317583

Alberoni University
(Persian) دانشگاه البیرونی Dāneshgāh-e Alberoni
(Pashto) دالبیرونی پوهنتون Da Alberoni Pohantūn
Motto Excellence in education to Afghanistan
Type Public University
Established 1998
Chancellor Prof.Dr.Mohammad Farid Barnayar
Vice-Chancellor Prof.Dr.Mohammad Naim Sharif
Dean 9
Academic staff
Students 4682
Undergraduates 4682
Address Kohistan No.1st District, Kapisa, Kapisa, Afghanistan
Colors Black, red, and green             
Affiliations Kabul University

8th chancellor of Alberoni University هشتمین رییس دانشگاه

Al-Beroni University(Persian: دانشگاه البیرونی‎ / Pashto: د البیروني پوهنتون‎) is located in Kohistan, one of District of Kapisa Province, in central Afghanistan, about 64 km far away from the capital Kabul. Alberoni University is a public institute of higher education, and was inaugurated in 1998 by the Afghan Ministry of Higher Education.The university is named after Abu Rayhan al-Biruni, a renowned polymath scholar who lived in 11th century Khorasan. The AU beginning with a faculty of Medical and Engineering. It is the fifth largest university in Afghanistan after Kabul University, Nangarhar University, Balkh University and Herat University . The university has 9 faculties and 32 departments. The most popular field of study is Medical and Engineering.


Alberoni University has[when?] 9 faculties and 32 departments, the students are studying in different faculties and different fields. Right now Alberoni University has 147 faculty members and 4682 students.

Alberoni University 9th faculties are [1], [2], Education, Law & Political Science, Journalism, Literature & Languages, Islamic Law, Economics .

3.Faculty of Education (Dean of Faculty: Ascot.Prof.Qadir Wahab)

1.Department of International Relation

2.Department of Public Law

3.Department of Private Law

4.Department of Criminal Law

1. Department of Horticulture Sciences 2. Department of Agriculture Economics 3. Department of Plant Sciences 4. Department of Animal Sciences -

Students Statistics at Alberoni University in 2015[edit]

- Department of Plant Sciences - Department of Agriculture Economics - Department of Animal Sciences
No. Faculty Male Female Total
1 Faculty of Engineering 480 5 485
2 Faculty of Medical 111 xx xx
3 Faculty of Law & Political Science xxx 6 238
4 Faculty of Economics 92 48 140
5 Faculty of Journalism 307 90 397
6 Faculty of Sharia Law xx 156 xx
7 Faculty of Education xxx 1232 2510
8 Faculty of Agriculture 616 65 xxx
9 Faculty of Literature 100 122 222
Total xxx xxx xxx

Alberoni University strives to serve the public and is dedicated to building a prosperous and well educated society by generation of knowledge through conducting research, dissemination of knowledge through training, and to advancing applications of knowledge in the private and public sectors. Alberoni University trying to build its institutional development more efficiently and effectively and it has 9 faculties with about 32 Departments. AU has access to about appropriate facilities and equipment in order to realize its commitments: a new campus, modern and beautiful buildings for its 3 faculties, advanced laboratories for Medical, Engineering and Education faculties, rich libraries, well equipped lecture rooms, and most importantly, capable lecturers who make our university a superior institute.

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