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Ad-Din (Arabic: الدين‎‎ ad-dīn  "the religion"), a component of some Arabic names, meaning "the religion", e.g. Saif al-Din "Sword of the religion".

The Arabic spelling closely transliterated is a l d i n, but its standard transliteration is ad-din due to the phonological rules involving "sun letter", but in practice romanizations of Arabic names containing this element may vary greatly, including:

el Din / eldin / eddin
al-Din, ad-Din
ud-Din, -uddin (particularly in English-speaking South and East Asia), -uddeen (particularly in English-speaking South and East Asia)

Examples of names including this element are:

Use of "Uddin" as surname[edit]

In modern times in English-speaking environments the name Uddin has sometimes been used as if it was a separate surname. An example is:

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