Al-Fa'iz bi-Nasr Allah

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Caliph of the Fatimid Dynasty
Reign1154 – 1160
Born31 May 1149
Died23 July 1160
ReligionIsmaili Shia Islam

Abu'l-Qasim Isa ibn az-Zafir (Arabic: أبو القاسم عيسى بن الظافر‎; 1149–1160), better known by his regnal name al-Fa'iz bi-Nasr Allah (الفائز بنصر الله), was the thirteenth and penultimate Ismaili shia caliph of the Fatimid dynasty. He was believed by the Hafizi Ismailis to be the 24th Imam.

Following the assassination of his father az-Zafir by the vizier Abbas ibn Abi al-Futuh, al-Fa'iz was raised to the throne as a five-year old child. Abbas was soon forced to flee and was killed through the intervention of Tala'i ibn Ruzzik, who became vizier and regent. Tala'i ibn Ruzzik attempted to address the dominance of the Crusaders in Palestine through an alliance of the Fatimids and the Zengids of Syria under Nur ad-Din Zangi (1140–1174).

Al-Fa'iz never exercised power in his own right with the vizier Tala'i ibn Ruzzik exercising real power, he died aged 11 after suffering an epileptic fit. He was succeeded by his cousin al-Adid the son of Yousuf, also a minor who was appointed by the vizier Tala'i ibn Ruzzik.

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