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The Fassi family is the name of the household of the Sheikhs of Fassiyatush Shadhiliyya from Mecca descending from Imam Fassi.[1]

Ujud Imam Fassi[edit]

Ujud Imam Fassi, who belongs to a Sharifi family descendant of Muhammed, was born in Fes in 1173 Hijri (ca 1760 CE)[1] or 1218 Hijri[2] and returned to his ancestral town Makkah in 1240 H/1823 CE, where he died in 1280 Hijri, ca 1863 CE,[1] is the originator of the Fassi family of Sheikhs, who constitute the Fassiyatush Shadhiliyya Sufi order.[1]

Shamsuddin Makki al-Fassi[edit]

Shamsuddin Makki al-Fassi is the only son of Imam Fassi and Gouth az-Zaman. He was the sole sheikh and Sheik As Sujjadah of Fassiyatush Shadhiliyya order after the death of Ujud. He in his lifetime made a visit to India in particular Madurai and few parts of Sri Lanka to spread the order.

Muhammad Ibrahim al-Fassi Moulana[edit]

Muhammad Ibrahim al-Fassi Moulana is the elder of the three sons of Shamsudin Makki al-Fassi. He is the Sheikh as Sujjadah of Fassiyatush shadhiliyya tariqa after the death of Sheikh Shamsuddin Makki. He died in 1966 CE.[1]

Abdullah al-Fassi Moulana[edit]

Born in 1304 Hijri (ca 1886~CE),[1] Abdullah al-Fassi Moulana is the second son of Gouth az-Zaman Sheikh Shamsuddin makki who spread the tariqa widely to many parts of the world. He died in 1968 CE.[1]

Abul Hasan al-Fassi Moulana[edit]

Abul Hasan al-Fassi Moulana is the third son of Gouth az-Zaman Shamsuddin Makki razi. He died in his childhood.

Muhammad al-Fassi[edit]

He is the eldest son of Sheikhuna Muhammad Ibrahim moulana razi. He became the Sheikh as Sujjadah after the death of Sheikh Abdullah Moulana Razi. He visited India twice in 1974 and 1991 and many times to Sri Lanka. His wafat happened on 5th of Jamaad al Awwal 1418 Hijri, which is 8 September 1997.A book was edited in Los Angeles by a private advisor of Sheikh Shams Aldein Abdulah AlFassi and his Son Sheikh Abdellah.

Sheikh Abdul Wahab al-Fassi[edit]

After the death of Dr.Muhammad al Fassi in 1997, His brother Sheikh Abdul Wahab Ibrahim al fassi became the Sheikh us Sujjada. He died in the year 1999.

Sheikh Abdul Qader al-Fassi[edit]

In 1999, Sheikh Abdul Qader son of Muhammad Ibrahim Al Fassi, the head of the household of Sheikh Ibrahim Al Fassi al Makki Ash Shazuli, became the sheikh as sujjada. He led the international Sufi order Tariqa Al Fassiya Ash Shadhiliyya till the day he passed away on 20 July 2017.

Sheikh Ajwad al-Fassi[edit]

Grand reception to Sheikh Mohammed bin Sheikhus Sujjadah Ajwad al Fassi at China fort, Beruwala in Sri lanka.

After the passing away of Sheikh Abdul Qader al fassi, all the members of the Household of al-Fassi family, unanimously elected Najmul Ulema Sheikh Ajwad Abdallah al fassi al Makki Ash Shazuli as Sheikhus Sujjadah by lineage and seniority. Sheikh Ajwad is the first from the children of Sheikh Abdullah al Fassi to become Sheikhus Sujjadah. He leads the sufi order world wide. His Holiness Sheikh Mohammad son of Sheikh Ajwad al Fassi visited Sri lanka in September 2017 as a representative of His father Sheikhus Sujjadah to give vow (Bai'at) to all the followers of Sufi order.

Family Tree[edit]

The Fassi family tree is widespread to the 5th generation today starting from their forefather Ujud Imam Fassi.[1]

As-Sheikh Muhammad Ibrahim Shamsuddin Al-Fassi[edit]

  1. Sheikh Abdur Rahman Ibrahim Al-Fassi (died before 1969)
  2. Sheikh as Sujjadah Dr.Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Fassi (died 1997)
  3. Sheikh Abdul Wahab Ibrahim Al-Fassi (died 1999)
  4. Sheikh Abdul Qadir Ibrahim Al-Fassi (died on 20 July 2017)
  5. Sheikh Muhammad Hasan Ibrahim Al-Fassi (died on 26 February 2016)
  6. Sheikh Muhammad Husain Ibrahim Al-Fassi (died 2000)
  7. Sheikh Jamal Ibrahim Al-Fassi
  8. Sheikh Massud Ibrahim Al-Fassi
  9. Sheikh Muhammad Rida Ibrahim Al-Fassi
  10. Sheikh Mustafa Ibrahim Al-Fassi (died 1971)
  11. Sheikh Wafa Ibrahim Al-Fassi (died Young).

As-Sheikh Abdullah Shamsuddin Al-Fassi[edit]

  1. Sheikh Muhammad Ali Abdullah Al-Fassi (died before 1968)
  2. Sheikh Muhammad Makki Abdullah Al-Fassi (died before 1968)
  3. Sheikha Sithy Khadija Abdullah Al-Fassi
  4. Sheikh Ahmad Jamaluddeen Abdullah Al-Fassi (died 1994)
  5. Sheikh Shamsuddin Abdullah Al-Fassi (died 4 May 1996)
  6. Sheikh Muhammad Tahir Abdullah Al-Fassi (died 1995)
  7. Sheikh Ajwad Abdullah Al-Fassi (Present Sheikhus Sujjadah from Zawiya al Aamerah)
  8. Sheikh Muhammad Saalih Abdullah Al-Fassi
  9. Sheikha Fathima Aysha Abdullah Al-Fassi
  10. Sheikha Sithy Faiza Abdullah Al-Fassi
  11. Sheikh Muhammad Mahdi Abdullah Al-Fassi


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