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Al-Hariqa (Arabic: الحريقة‎‎) is a neighborhood in Damascus, Syria. It lies inside the walls of the old city south of the Citadel of Damascus between the late-Ottoman-era markets of al-Hamidiyah Souq and Medhat Pasha Souq.[1] The neighborhood was known as Sidi Amoud after a famous holy man who was buried there.[2] It was called al-Hariqa (Conflagration) after the area was completely burned down in 1925 under French bombing in response to the Great Syrian Revolt. It is a commercial hub famous for its clothing markets.[1] The famous Nur al-Din Bimaristan is located in the area.


Coordinates: 33°30′34″N 36°18′7″E / 33.50944°N 36.30194°E / 33.50944; 36.30194