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Alhaud Almarsoud, Cairo Dermatology Hospital (Arabic:الحوض المرصود) ... AlHaud AlMarsoud is a name given to a hospital in Cairo, Egypt. The hospital provides services in Dermatology, Venereology, Sexual and Reproductive health.


The hospital was established as STI hospital by the ministry of health under the British in 1902. It has two departments: Dermatology, and Venereology (now called Andrology).

The area was named after a large stone sarcophagus; one of the discoveries of the Napoleonic expedition in Cairo (1798). Being enormously heavy and virtually impossible to move by the technology of that time, legends were widely narrated about genies that ambush those whoever tries to mobilize the sarcophagus that super-mounts their guarded treasures beneath. Eventually they were turned into myths about the supernatural curative abilities of "Al-Haud Al-Marsoud". The sarcophagus came to the British from the French in September 1801. The designs and texts denote that the owner of the sarcophagus was (Hapmen), a noble of the 26th dynasty (600-300 BC), its height being 119.4 cm, length 274.4 cm, and width 139.7 cm. The interior, exterior, and all sides are decorated with figures of various funerary deities. It is now located in the British Museum, on the main floor, room 4, Egyptian Sculpture, North Bay 5, with the museum number (EA 23). It is directly succeeded by The Rosetta Stone (EA 24); the most valuable key ever found, to the decipherment of hieroglyphs.


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