Al-Hidaya Mosque massacre

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Al-Hidaya Mosque massacre
DateApril 20, 2008
LocationMogadishu, Somalia
Result Mosque cleared
Islamic students
Commanders and leaders
Ethiopia Gabre Heard
Somalia Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed
Casualties and losses
None 21 killed

The Al-Hidaya Mosque massacre occurred on April 19, 2008, when Ethiopian soldiers reportedly killed 21[1] people in Mogadishu, Somalia.

According to several witnesses, Ethiopian soldiers stormed a mosque and killed several occupants. 11 bodies were later found, some with their throat slit and others shot to death. Of the 11 dead victims, nine were regular congregants at the mosque and reportedly were part of the Tabliiq wing of Sunni Islam.[2][3]

Tabliiq official Shiekh Abdi-kheyr Isse said the Ethiopians had "slaughtered" the clerics. "The first person they [Ethiopian soldiers] killed was Sheikh Said Yahya, the Imam," a witness said, adding that the late Imam opened the mosque door after the soldiers knocked.[4]

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