Al-Hilal Stadium

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Al-Hilal Stadium (Arabic: إستاد الهلال‎‎) is a multi-use stadium, located in Omdurman, Sudan. It is mostly used for football matches. It is the official stadium and home of Sudanese football club Al-Hilal, it has a capacity of 35,000.

At the opening celebration in Friday 26 January 1968, Al-Hilal played against the visiting Ghana national football team. The match ended with a 1-1 draw. It is near to Al-Merreikh Stadium, the stadium of their bitter rivals Al-Merreikh. It is a well known stadium on the continent, but it is not big as the Al-Merreikh stadium.


Coordinates: 15°38′50″N 32°28′30″E / 15.64722°N 32.47500°E / 15.64722; 32.47500