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Al-Huda Institute, Al-Huda Islamic Institute or Al-Huda International Seminary is an "Institute of Islamic education for women",[1] a chain of religious schools with campuses in Islamabad and Karachi, Pakistan as well as in Missisauga, Canada. It is part of Al-Huda International Welfare Foundation which is run by Farhat Hashmi.


The schools follows the Wahhabi ideology.[2]

It is known for its conservative religious syllabus with a focus on scripture.[3] Prof. Faiza Mushtaq, who did her Ph.D. on Al Huda, says the schools produce "activists and reformers" who believe they are returning to "‘real Islam, true and pure."[3] Prof. Sadaf Ahmad of Lahore University says "Al Huda founder Farhat Hashmi’s denunciation of various cultural practices and disapproval of Westerners and Indians gives women a new conception of their identity as Muslims."[4]

Canadian Branch[edit]

Al-Huda's Mississauga campus opened in 2004 and is a private school accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education. As of 2015 it offeres two main fields of study. There were about 160 female students in kindergarten to Grade 6 attending daily classes. On evenings and weekends the school offers seminars for teenagers and adults.


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