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Islah or Al-Islah (ألإصلاح ,إصلاح) is an Arabic word usually translated as "reform", in the sense of "to improve, to better, or to put something into a better position." It is used in religion and politics (including as names for political parties), and is also used as a personal and place name.

Islah may also refer to:


  • Islah Jad (born 1951), Palestinian professor and academician in Birzeit University
  • Islah Abdur Rahman (born 1991), English film director and actor


  • Islah, Qalqilya, village adjacent to Azzoun in Palestinian West Bank
  • Al-Islah Mosque, Muslim mosque following the Sunni tradition in Hamtramck, Michigan
  • Madrasatul Islah, traditional Islamic institution of learning at Sarai Mir in the Azamgarh district of Uttar Pradesh


  • Al-Islah (Yemen), or the Yemeni Congregation for Reform, a political party in Yemen
  • Al Islah (United Arab Emirates), Islamist group based in the United Arab Emirates that is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood
  • Islah Party, or Hizb Al-Islah, also known as Egyptian Reform Party, a Salafi political party in Egypt
  • El-Islah, also known as Movement for National Reform, moderate Islamist political party in Algeria
  • El Islah, political party in Mauritania
  • Hizb el Islah al Suri, also known as Reform Party of Syria, Syrian lobby group based in the United States that was active in the mid to late 2000s
  • Hizb Al-Islah wa Al-Tanmiyah, also known as Reform and Development Misruna Party, an Egyptian liberal political party
  • National Reform Trend, Iraqi political party



  • Islah (album), debut studio album by American rapper Kevin Gates.