Al-Jamiatul Arabiatul Islamia, Ziri

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Al-Jamiatul Arabiatul Islamiah, Ziri
Type Islamic university
Established 1328 Hijri (1910)[1]
Chancellor Shah Mohammad Toyab Shaheb
Academic staff
55 (2010)[2]
Students 1600 (2010)
Location Ziri, Patiya, Chittagong District
22°17′14″N 91°53′25″E / 22.2872°N 91.8902°E / 22.2872; 91.8902Coordinates: 22°17′14″N 91°53′25″E / 22.2872°N 91.8902°E / 22.2872; 91.8902
Campus Rural

Al-Jamiatul Arabiatul Islamiah, Ziri (Bengali: আল জামিয়াতুল আরবিয়াতুল ইসলামিয়া জিরি), or Jamiah Islamiah Arabia, is a private and the third largest[citation needed] Qaumi Islamic university in Bangladesh. Mujahede Millat Shah Moulana Ahmad Hasan established the Jamiah[3] in 1328 Hijri (1910) CE.[1] It is situated at Ziri, Patiya about five km east from Chittagong. The Jamiah has the motto to introduce such a curriculum in the field of study which can give scope for knowledge befitting the modern scientific requirement, beside the perfectness in the Islamic theology so that the outcomers may adjust themselves with the changing circumstances in every spheres of life and can prove themselves worthy followers of Islam and ideal citizen of the country wherever they live in. Accordingly, Arabic and Mother tongue have been included in the courses of study giving special attention to the Islamic Sari'ah. In addition, there is also provision for vocational training which help the students to build their career as a self-reliant man. At present, it has 55 teachers and 1600 students among whom 1000 are orphans.[citation needed] The Jamiah looks after some Islamic educational institutions of this area so that they can improve their curricular activities.[clarification needed]

Education pattern and subjects[edit]

The Jamiah's academic grade consists of Primary level, Secondary level, Higher Secondary level, Graduation level, Masters level and Tahfijul Quran level. The primary and masters lavels consist of two years. The secondary, higher secondary, graduation and tahfijul quran levels consist of three years. The school offers degree to the learners in various subjects including technical knowledge. The academic subjects are Al-Quran, Al-Hadith, Al-Tafsir, Balagat, Al-Fiqh, Usul-Al-Fiqh, Falsafah, Hikmah, Arabic Literature, Bengali Literature, English Literature Mantiq, Tajwid, Islamic Philosophy, Tahfiz-Al-Quran, Mathematics, Social Science. Beside these the Jamiah also offers some technical training courses such as Book Binding, Typing, Watch Repairing, Tailoring.


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