Al-Jura, Jerusalem

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For the village in the Gaza district, see Al-Jura.
Subdistrict Jerusalem
Palestine grid 164/129
Population 420 (1945)
Area 4,158 dunams
Date of depopulation Not known[1]
Current localities Ora
el Jurah in the 1870s

Al-Jura (el Jurah) was a Palestinian Arab village in the Jerusalem Subdistrict. It was depopulated during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War on July 11, 1948 under Operation Danny. It was located 8.5 km west of Jerusalem. al-Jura was mostly destroyed with the exception of several deserted houses.

In 1945, the village had a population of 420. al-Jura contains artifacts from Byzantine and the Crusader period in three Khirbats: Khirbat Sa'ida, Ayn al-Jadida, and Khirbat al-Qusur.


  1. ^ Morris, 2004, p. xx, village #355. Gives both cause and date of depopulation as "Not known".


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Coordinates: 31°45′25″N 35°08′56″E / 31.75694°N 35.14889°E / 31.75694; 35.14889