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ناحية الكرابلة
Al-Karābilah is located in Iraq
Al-Karābilah town's location in Iraq
Coordinates: 34°N 41°E / 34°N 41°E / 34; 41Coordinates: 34°N 41°E / 34°N 41°E / 34; 41
Country Iraq
Governorate Al Anbar
district Al-Qa'im
 • Total 25.000

Al-Karābilah (Arabic: ناحية الكرابلة‎) is the Subdistrict in the west of the Al Anbar province of Iraq, beside the Syrian border in an area of high ground. Its seat is the city of the Al-Karābilah . Agriculture is the prime job in the subdistrict.

Al-Karābilah town[edit]

Iraqi border town and center of the Al-Karābilah subdistrict, located 5-7km from Iraqi-Syrian borders. Its population roughly 25.000 inhabitants all of them Sunni Muslims arabs.

Akkas gas field[edit]

Akkas gas field located in Al-Karabilah subdistrict.It was discovered in 1992, occupies approximately 30 km long and 12 km wide. Iraqi Oil Ministry estimated the reserves of Akkas at 5.6 trillion cubic feet.[1] 2011, Iraqi government signed contract with Kogas to develop the gas field. According to the signed contract with Iraq government, Kogas hold 75% of the shares while the rest of shares goes to Midland Oil Company.[1] All the development operations stopped due to terrorist attacks in 2014.Equipment, buildings, and other constructions have been looted or destroyed.[2]

Current sitution[edit]

The subdistrict fell into ISIL's hands after intensive clashes between ISIL's troop on one side and Iraqi security forces backed by tribesmen in other side.


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