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Khalili (Arabic: خلیلي‎) is a common Arabic-based surname, meaning "originating from Al-Khalil also known as Hebron". It is composed of root word Khalil (meaning "companion" or "friend") plus the Arabic suffix "i" meaning "from" or "of". Khalili is also commonly used in Persian, Afghani and other Muslim surnames.

Khalili may refer to:


  • Abdul Khalili (born 1992), full name Abdul Rahman Khalili, Swedish football player of Palestinian origin
  • Anousheh Khalili (born 1983), Iranian-American singer-songwriter
  • Aram Khalili (born 1989), Norwegian football player of Iranian Kurdish origin
  • Fowzieh Khalili (born 1958), Indian female cricketer
  • Imad Khalili (born 1987), Swedish football player of Palestinian origin
  • Jim Al-Khalili (born 1962), Iraqi-born British theoretical physicist, author and broadcaster.
  • Karim Khalili, Afghani politician, Vice President of Afghanistan
  • Khalilullah Khalili (1907–1987), alternative spellings Khalilollah, Khalil Ullah, Afghanistan's foremost 20th century poet as well as a noted historian, university professor, diplomat and royal confidant
  • Laleh Khalili, Iranian-American academic and professor in Middle Eastern Politics
  • Massoud Khalili (born 1950), Afghani diplomat, linguist and urbane poet
  • Mohsen Khalili (born 1981), Iranian football player
  • Nader Khalili (1936–2008), Iranian-American architect, writer, and humanitarian
  • Nasser Khalili, (born 1945), British-Iranian renowned scholar, collector and philanthropist
  • Yasha Khalili (born 1988), Iranian football player



For localities in Azerbaijan, see Khalilli (disambiguation)


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