The Night (film)

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The Night
Al-Lail film poster - 1992.jpg
Directed by Mohamed Malas
Produced by Omar Amiralay
Written by Mohamed Malas
Ussama Muhammed
Starring Sabah Jazairi
Omar Malas
Riadh Chahrour
Maher Salibi
Fares Helou
Cinematography Youssef Ben Youssef
Edited by Kais Al Zubaidi
Distributed by General Organization for Cinema
Release date
Running time
116 minutes
Country Syria
Language Arabic

The Night or Al-Lail (Arabic: الليل‎‎) (The Night) is a Syrian feature drama film by director Mohamed Malas. The film is set in Quneitra and is about the Arab-Israeli conflict. In 1993 it became the first Syrian feature to be played at the New York Film Festival.


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