Al-Malak al-Zalem

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Al-Malak al-Zalem
الملاك الظالم
Al-Malak al-Zalem poster
Directed by Hassan Al Imam
Produced by Amir Film
Written by Ali El Zorkani
Starring Faten Hamama
Kamal Al-Shennawi
Seraj Munir
Mahmoud el-Meliguy
Hind Rostom
Release date
Country Egypt
Language Arabic

Al-Malak al-Zalem About this sound listen  (Arabic: الملاك الظالم‎‎, English: The Unjust Angel) is a 1954 Egyptian crime/drama film. It starred Kamal Al-Shennawi, Seraj Munir, Faten Hamama, and Mahmoud el-Meliguy.


Nadia's (Faten Hamama) father is prisoned for a murder crime he didn't commit. His lawyer fails to get him out of jail, and decides to raise his daughter. Years later, after Nadia has finished her school education, she enters college, where she is assigned to do a research on prisoners and their social effect. In prison, she meets a prisoner who claims to be her father. At first she doesn't believe him, but after checking his documents and ID, she discovers that he's not lying, that he is actually her real father.

She, with the help of her fiancé, played by Kamal Al-Shennawi, seek to free him and prove his innocence. Through their research and after obtaining evidence from old newspapers, they discover that the murderer was not the father, but instead another man (Mahmoud El-Meliguy), who has conspired against the father. In court, the father is proved to be innocent, and the true murderer is jailed. Nadia then marries her love.


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