Al-Mansoura (Aden)

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Al Mansoora (Arabic: المنصورة, al-manṣūrah) is a city district in Aden Governorate, Yemen, with a population of 114,931 according to 2004 census.


Al Mansoura was named after a resolution made by Aden Legislative Council in 1962. The construction of the neighbourhood is associated with the acute housing crisis in the colony of Aden between 1955 and 1962 as a result of the increasing population and expanding British Military Base.

Mansoura prison[edit]

One of the most important architectural landmarks is Mansoura prison built by the Colonial Government of Aden, between 1962-63, as a political prison for the detention of activists and partisans of the Liberation Army and the armed revolution, currently in prison for the continued unity of the Yemeni Central Security.

Coordinates: 12°51′11″N 44°58′20″E / 12.8531°N 44.9722°E / 12.8531; 44.9722