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Other transcription(s)
 • Arabic المواصي
Al-Mawasi is located in the Palestinian territories
Location of Al-Mawasi within the Palestinian territories
Coordinates: 31°19′44″N 34°13′48″E / 31.32889°N 34.23000°E / 31.32889; 34.23000Coordinates: 31°19′44″N 34°13′48″E / 31.32889°N 34.23000°E / 31.32889; 34.23000
Governorate Rafah
 • Type Village council
Population (2006)
 • Jurisdiction 1,400

Al-Mawasi (Arabic: المواصي‎‎) is a Bedouin Palestinian town on the southern coast of the Gaza Strip, approximately one kilometer wide and fourteen kilometers long, that prior to Israel's unilateral disengagement plan in 2005 existed as a Palestinian enclave within the Katif bloc of Israeli settlements. According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, al-Mawasi had a population of 1,409 in mid-year 2006.

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