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Coordinates: 31°48′15″N 44°29′21″E / 31.8042°N 44.4892°E / 31.8042; 44.4892Coordinates: 31°48′15″N 44°29′21″E / 31.8042°N 44.4892°E / 31.8042; 44.4892
Country  Iraq
Governorate Najaf
District Al-Meshkhab

Al-Meshkhab is an Iraqi city and capital of the Al-Meshkhab district situated in the Najaf Governorate, 35 km south of Najaf and 230 km south west of Baghdad. The city is located on the Al-Meshkhab Channel.[1] The majority of the local population consists of Shia Islam belonging to Arabic tribes such as Alzurfy, Muhany and Al-Ghazali. The city was first established as a village in 1916 during the Ottoman Iraq era, promoted to subdistrict then finally upgraded to district capital in 2014.[2]


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