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Iraq minaa minaa.png
Full name Al-Mina'a Sport club
Nickname(s) Al-Saffana "Sailors"
Founded 1931; 85 years ago (1931)
Ground Al Mina'a Stadium
Ground Capacity 30,000
Chairman Omran Radhi Thani
Manager Hussam Al Sayed
League Iraqi Premier League
2014–15 Iraqi Premier League, 4th
Website Club home page
Current season

Al-Mina'a Sport Club (Arabic: نادي الميناء الرياضي‎), transliterated: (The Port Club) is a football club based in Al Maqal, Basra that plays in Iraqi Premier League. One of the most popular clubs in Iraq football, particularly in the south, and the first club from outside the Baghdad D.C. was kidnap the cup from its clubs.

Al-Mina'a was founded in November 22, 1931 in Al Maqal and in 1973 became the first club from the south of Iraq to join the Football League. In 1974, the team has been integrated with Al Bareed team in one club, called Al-Muwasalat, and it was strange; because Al Bareed team lives in Baghdad while Al-Mina'a team lives in Basra and the two teams meet in the day of the match only; so were separated each team alone after one year. In the 1978, the team won the League Championship title. After a lean period in the post-war years the team finished second in the league, in the 2004–05 season, and reached the 2006 AFC Champions League, as the first Iraqi Club from outside of Baghdad DC that play in this tournament.

For a long time, The club is considered one of the football schools that has its own style of play, and its team practice under the supervision and training of coaches whose graduated from the same club only, until the beginning of 2011, when the club started depends on foreign coaches.


Al-Minaa captain Karim Allawi receives Cup of Hanna Al-Sheikh championship in Basra 1951.

Al-Mina'a Football Club was formed by some of the British sailors and workers serving in the Marine Transportation Company in Basra on the banks of the Shatt al-Arab after Mandatory Iraq, when Colonel Sir Ward was the director of Company in the 1920s, When they were forming gatherings sports practiced kinds of sports that football was the most important.

After the founding of Al Maqal City and establishment the General Company for Ports in the March 1, 1931 by Colonel Sir John Ward under the auspices of King Faisal, and the transfer of employees in the company to Al Maqal, has been coordinating with the company's management to make the green squares in the park located there to be a playground for them, after a few months the company announced the establishment of the club officially, and Mr.C. F. Nickel was chosen as the first president of the club. The first football team consisted from: (Markar Avadician, Dehjat Ohaness, Liu Steven, Samuel Akesh, Aziz Hormuz, Rashad Al Mufti, and Khudair Abbas).

In 1950, Al-Mina'a played several friendly matches with Iranian clubs in Iran, the team is played against Shahin and the result was positive equalizer (2–2), they played against Arteshe and the game ended in victory Al-Mina'a outcome (1–2), and they played against Taj Ahvaz and won it (1–5). They played against Khorramshahr and won the result (1–3). They played against Sanat Naft Abadan and won it, The team benefited greatly from those matches. In 1951, the team won in the Hanna Al Sheikh championship cup, which was being organized at the level of Basra teams.

Al-Mina'a began to participate in the Iraqi Premier League championship since 1975–1976 after decoding association of Al Bareed, which was representing with it a one team, was named Al-Muwasalat.

Al-Minaa team champion of Iraqi League 1978.

1977–78 season, the golden season for the team when got the League Cup, and moved for the first time from the clubs of the capital Baghdad to Basra under coach Jamil Hanoon, after the team collected 21 points to win eight matches, and an equalize in five matches, and did not lose any match in this season. As well as the Al-Minaa's player Jalil Hanoon won the title of the top scorer with 11 goals.

The competition launched the Iraqi League in October 1, 1977, and the last match was on March 31, 1978. In the last match, Al-Mina'a played against Al Shorta at Al Mina'a Stadium in Basra, and Al-Mina'a won (1–0), after that Jalil Hanoon scored the first goal at 50 min. and Al-Mina'a goalkeeper Sattar Farhan may repel a penalty obtained by Al Shorta in the final minutes of the match.

At the beginning of the Iran-Iraq war in 1980, Basra has become a battleground, and along the eight-year war broke all areas of life in Basra, including the field of sports, and the Al-Mina'a Club in particular, has been more players recruited and transported to the battlefield, and the team lost the playground, and did not find a training place. The financial allocations have been significantly reduced, and stars of the team emigrated to play in the big clubs of Baghdad, causing all of this deterioration in the club level fully, even relegated to the ranks of first-class in the 1986 season, but returned after only one season,The club remained unstable after the Second Gulf War, which began in 1991, which destroyed the sport in the whole of Iraq.

With the change that took place after the invasion of Iraq and the overthrow of Saddam in 2003, General Company for Ports took care of the club, and started the team back to its natural position slowly, and the 2004–2005 season was the distinctive season, Al-Mina'a won in the Southern Group in the Premier League, and advanced to the Elite League, then the semi-finals, and managed to win Al-Zawraa in Baghdad (0–1) and tied with them in Basra (0–0); to advance to the final, where they played against Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya, but lost the match (2–0), to take the runner-up title, and the opportunity to represent Iraq in Asian competitions, the team became the first team from outside Baghdad is representing Iraq in the external championships.

The team did not enter the AFC Champions League to compete for the title, given the weak possibilities team because most of them young and they need to experience and friction in matches like this, but as a chance to friction with strong teams and preparation excellent for Premier League. But Al-Mina'a embarrassed the big teams in Asia and forced them to draw the likes of Mash'al and Al-Hilal, and the team was a reason to change the equation.


ِAl Mina'a Stadium of football when it was founded in the 1930s contain an open arena and stands of one side. In 1960–61 season has been lighting the Stadium, the stadium was considered the second stadium in the Arab world after the Alexandria Stadium in Egypt.

In the mid-1980s were terraces with three strips placed around stadium, in order to be capacity accommodate 4,000 spectators. In 1995 has guided the terraces, and built its place circular strips, in order to be capacity accommodate 10,000 spectators.

Work was still going on in the re-construction of the new Al-Mina'a stadium since April 22, 2011 and did not complete yet. The new stadium accommodates 30,000 spectators, and praises on an area of 52 acres. Al-Mina'a team continues its participation in the Iraqi Premier League even without the presence of a regular playground rehearses.


Kit providers

Al-Mina'a traditional colors are blue and white: The blue represents the home kit and white represents the away colors, Al-Minaa's kits are manufactured by Lescon

Ultras The Sailors[edit]

Al-Mina'a Club of mass clubs, the club has Promoters Association was established since the beginning of the club's starting point, and remained supportive of the team in all their matches, and travel with them wherever they go.

In June 2014, Al-Mina'a supporters founded a group known as Ultras The Sailors. The supporters group has become well-known throughout Iraqi football as the most passionate group of football fans in Iraq and the group's banners and logos can be seen in any stadium that their club play in. The number of group members is slowly increasing. The foundation of this group has significantly increased both the number of Al-Mina'a fans in stadiums and their presence in matches.

Current squad[edit]

First-team squad[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Iraq GK Hameed Bakkal
2 Iraq DF Saad Attiya
3 Iraq DF Hamza Adnan
4 Syria DF Amr Midani
5 Iraq MF Ahmed Mohsin Ashour
6 Iraq DF Ali Bahjat
8 Iraq MF Ali Hosni
9 Iraq MF Ammar Abdul Hussein
10 Iraq MF Mohammed Jabbar Showkan Vice-captain
11 Iraq MF Jawad Kadhem
12 Iraq GK Medhat Abdul Hussein
14 Iraq MF Ali Qasim
15 Iraq DF Hussein Falah
17 Iraq DF Haidar Sari
No. Position Player
18 Iraq FW Ziyad Ahmed
19 Libya FW Ali Al Sharif
20 Iraq GK Karrar Ibrahim Captain
21 Iraq MF Ahmed Abbas
22 Iraq GK Saqr Ajeel
24 Iraq DF Faisal Jassim
25 Iraq MF Ahmed Jabbar
28 Libya MF Abdul Hadi Ibrahim
30 Iraq MF Ali Majed
31 Iraq DF Mustafa Ali Abbas
32 Iraq MF Ali Tahseen
33 Iraq MF Hussein Muslim
35 Iraq DF Abdullah Mohsin

U19 Squad[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Iraq GK Abdullah Ghazi
2 Iraq DF Saif Amer
4 Iraq DF Hamza Juma
5 Iraq MF Mujtaba Adel
6 Iraq MF Ahmed Kadhem
7 Iraq FW Ali Muftiya
8 Iraq FW Karrar Abdul Sada (Captain)
10 Iraq FW Ali Waleed
11 Iraq MF Faeq Sattar
No. Position Player
12 Iraq DF Mohammed Shehab
14 Iraq MF Hussein Husni
15 Iraq MF Saleh Ghazi
16 Iraq FW Hassan Kamel
17 Iraq DF Haider Farhan
18 Iraq DF Ali Mahmood
21 Iraq MF Sajjad Hadi
22 Iraq DF Abdullah Khalaf
23 Iraq DF Hassanin Nouri

Current technical staff[edit]

Position Name
Coach Syria Hussam Al Sayed
Assistant coach Iraq Ahmad Rahim
Fitness coach Iraq Waleed Juma
Goalkeeping coach Iraq Aqeel Abdul Mohsin
Club doctor Iraq Faris Abdullah
Doctor's assistant Iraq Fuad Mahdi
Under-19s Coach Iraq Mohammed Abdul Hussein
Under-16s Coach Iraq Shaker Shebib

Board members[edit]

President Iraq Omran Radhi Thani
Vice President Iraq Jalil Hanoon
Amanuensis Iraq Mohammad Jaber Hassan
Board of Directors Member Iraq Naji Abdulla Hassan Al Mosawi
Board of Directors Member Iraq Nazar Taha Humood
Board of Directors Member Iraq Nabeel Abdul Ameer Jamil
Board of Directors Member Iraq Ali Fadhel Hassan
Board of Directors Member Iraq Karim Jasim Hassan
Female Board Member Iraq Ikhlas Naji Jasim

Last updated: 11 December 2012
Source: Al-Mina'a SC

Managerial history[edit]

* The team is divided into two halves, each half in a city.
** Served as caretaker coach.


Performance in AFC competitions[edit]

2006: Group Stage

Individual Honours[edit]

World Military Cup 1977

The following players have played in the World Military Cup in Syria whilst playing for Al-Mina'a SC ( Iraq military national football team is Champion ):

Pestabola Merdeka 1977

The following players have played in the Pestabola Merdeka whilst playing for Al-Mina'a SC ( Iraq national football team is Runner-up):

The 5th Gulf Cup of Nations 1979

The following players have played in The 5th Gulf Cup of Nations whilst playing for Al-Mina'a SC ( Iraq national football team is Champion ):

1980 Summer Olympics

The following players have played in the Games of the XXII Olympiad in Moscow whilst playing for Al-Mina'a SC:

2013 Gulf Cup of Nations

The following players have played in the 2013 Gulf Cup of Nations whilst playing for Al-Mina'a SC ( Iraq national football team is Runner-up):

2013 FIFA U-20 World Cup

The following players have played in the FIFA U-20 World Cup whilst playing for Al-Mina'a SC ( Iraq national under-20 football team is a 4th place):

World Military Cup 2013

The following players have played in the World Military Cup whilst playing for Al-Mina'a SC ( Iraq military national football team is Champion ):


Al-Minaa rival team is Naft Al-Janoob.

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