Al-Muhafaza Stadium

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Al-Muhafaza Stadium
Al-Mohafaza stadium3.jpg
Location Damascus, Syria  Syria
Owner Al-Muhafaza
Operator Al-Muhafaza
Capacity 1,000
Field size 105 x 67 m
Surface Artificial turf
Opened 2011
Construction cost US $ 2.8 million

Al-Muhafaza Stadium (Arabic: ملعب المحافظة‎) is a multi-use all-seater stadium in the Syrian capital Damascus. It is mostly used for football matches and is home to the Syrian Premier League club al-Muhafaza SC. It also hosts local competitions of athletics.


The stadium was opened in 2011 with a capacity of 1,000 seats in the Kafr Sousa district of Damascus, with a total cost of US$ 2.8 million. It is owned and operated by the Damascus-based al-Muhafaza sports club and is part of a complex that includes an administration building, gymnasium, theatre, restaurants and plazas.[1]

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Coordinates: 36°29′46″N 36°17′07″E / 36.49611°N 36.28528°E / 36.49611; 36.28528