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Al-Mustafa Islamic Cultural Centre Ireland, which started its activities as Clonee Mosque based in the village of Clonee, is the mainstream and leading Islamic Centre in Dublin 15. It was established in January 2004 as Clonee Mosque, to cater as a place of worship for the Muslim community in Clonee (Dublin 15).[1] Due to the high number of attendees during the Friday prayers there were parking issues and as a result Clonee Mosque moved to an industrial unit in Damastown in 2007.[2]

Rename and inauguration in 2008[edit]

Clonee Mosque was renamed to Al-Mustafa Islamic Cultural Centre Ireland in 2008 and was inaugurated by the late former Minister of Justice Mr. Brian Lenihan in January 2008. Al-Mustafa ICC is represented in the Irish Council of Imams by its Founder and Imam Shaykh Umar Al-Qadri.

Al-Mustafa ICC has about 500 members.

Aims and objectives[edit]

The aims and objectives of Al-Mustafa Islamic Cultural Centre according to its website are:

  1. To provide the Muslim Community in Ireland a religious and spiritual platform to improve their religion and spirituality
  2. Promote peace, harmony, integration and tolerance
  3. Promote friendly relations between Muslims and non Muslims
  4. Provide high quality authentic traditional education to children and youth
  5. Provide various other services to the Muslim community: Information centre about Islam, Friday prayer, Daily 5 prayers, Fatwa (Islamic Verdicts), Nikah Hajj and Umrah services, Islamic Shariah Courses, Interfaith dialogue and Halal certification of meat and non-meat products.


There are various educational, cultural and spiritual activities organized by Al-Mustafa ICC.

There are 120 students studying in Al-Mustafa weekend Quran School. In the weekend Quran school students are taught the following subjects: Quran recitation, Memorization of the Quran, Fiqh, Seerah, uloom Al-Quran, uloom Al-Hadith and Islamic history. There are 6 teachers teaching in Al-Mustafa weekend Quran school.

Sisters Halaqah takes place every Wednesday morning till the afternoon.

Jumah Salah (Friday prayer) starts at 1:30pm with the lecture. The lecture is completely in English and followed by a short Arabic Khutbah and the prayer is held at 2:10pm.

Every Thursday night a halaqah takes place of Zikr.

Al-Mustafa ICC organizes many spiritual events throughout the year (Eid ul-Fitr,[3] Eid ul Adha,[4] Lailat-ul-Qadr,[5] Laylat-um-Mubarakah, Shab Meraaj and Mawlid-un-Nabi[6][7]

The first Mawlid-un-Nabi Procession in Ireland was organized by Al-Mustafa ICC.[8] Leaders of other faith were invited and spoke on the 'Prophet of Peace Conference' which followed after the Mawlid-un-Nabi procession the Islamic Cultural Centre.