Al-Mustakfi II

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المستكفي بالله
49th Caliph of the Abbasid Dynasty
12th Abbasid Caliph in Cairo
Reign23 July 1441 – 29 January 1451
PredecessorAl-Mu'tadid II
Bornc. 1388
Died29 January, 1451 [aged 63]
FatherAl-Mutawakkil I

Al-Mustakfi II (Arabic: المستكفي بالله‎) was an Abbasid Caliph of Cairo, Egypt for the Mamluk Sultans between 1441 and 1451. He died on Friday, 25 Zulhijja, 854 AH (29 January 1451).

In his reign, Al-Zaher also conquered the island of Rhodes twice in the era of Al-Mustaqvi once in 847, and once in the following year (848), in addition to the invasion that took place in the era of Mu'tazad in 844 but was unsuccessful in opening it because of the Crusader gang support of this island after the extraction of princes by the Pope and kings Europe. And the appearance on the apparent Jumaq Atabak Egypt Kerkmass Shaabani, and Sham, and the slaves Ptna in the area of ​​Giza, but he managed to eliminate them all. The Caliph died on the third Friday of Dhu al-Hijjah in 854 AH and He was succeeded by his brother Al-Qaim.

When Ibn Hajar al-‘Asqalani died after 'Isha' (night prayer) on 8th Dhul Hijja 852 (2 February 1449), aged 79. An estimated 50,000 people attended his funeral in Cairo, including Sultan Sayf ad-Din Jaqmaq (1373-1453 CE) and Al-Mustakfi II.


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Al-Mustakfi II
Cadet branch of the Banu Quraysh
Born: ? Died: 1451
Sunni Islam titles
Preceded by
Al-Mu'tadid II
Caliph of Cairo
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