Al-Mustaqbal (newspaper)

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Type Daily newspaper
Founder(s) Rafic Hariri
Publisher Arab United Press
Managing editors Faisal Salman
Founded 1995; 20 years ago (1995)
Political alignment Centre-right
Language Arabic
Headquarters Beirut
Website Al Mustaqbal
Al-Mustaqbal on display in Tripoli, Lebanon, 2012

Al-Mustaqbal (المستقبل in Arabic) (English translation: The Future) is an Arabic language daily newspaper in Lebanon, headquartered in Beirut.

History and profile[edit]

Al Mustaqbal was launched in 1995 by Rafic Hariri, former Prime Minister and assassinated leader of the Movement of the Future.[1][2] The daily is based in Beirut.[3] Arab United Press is the publisher[4] and prominent Lebanese journalist Faisal Salman is managing editor of the daily.[5]

The paper has a cultural supplement, Nawafiz.[6] Since 1999 the daily has a weekly page concerning the environmental issues.[7]

A 2009 survey by Ipsos Stat established that Al Mustaqbal is among the five most popular newspapers in Beirut.[8]

Political stance[edit]

The newspaper expresses the views of the Movement of the Future and supports the Lebanese March 14 Alliance.[8][9] In addition, the daily is one of the major anti-Syrian publications in the Middle East.[10]


The daily has an online newspaper which was banned in Syria in July 2007.[10]


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