Al-Nabi Shayth

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Al-Nabi Shayth
Nabi Chit
Prophet Seth Shrine in Al-Nabi Shayth
Prophet Seth Shrine in Al-Nabi Shayth
Al-Nabi Shayth is located in Lebanon
Al-Nabi Shayth
Al-Nabi Shayth
Location in Lebanon
Coordinates: 33°52′20.4″N 36°06′46.1″E / 33.872333°N 36.112806°E / 33.872333; 36.112806Coordinates: 33°52′20.4″N 36°06′46.1″E / 33.872333°N 36.112806°E / 33.872333; 36.112806
Country  Lebanon
Governorate Baalbek-Hermel
District Baalbek
Elevation 4,000 ft (1,220 m)

Al-Nabi Sheeth (also spelled Nabi Chit; Arabic: النبي شيت) is a village in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon. "Al-Nabi Sheeth" is an Arabic word, it means "Seth the prophet". The village was called by that name because it is considered to contain the burial site of Seth son of Adam. A mosque was built on the burial site and it contains the grave of Seth inside the mosque. (A rival tradition placed Seth's tomb in the Palestinian village of Bashshit). The village is also the home town of Abbas al-Musawi former Hezbollah leader and influential shia cleric. The village of Al-Nabi Sheeth is predominantly inhabited by people with the surnames Al-Musawi, Hazimeh, & Chokr families being well known.[citation needed]

Recent Events[edit]

During 2006 Lebanon War, on the 19 July, Israeli warplanes bombed a house and killed 7 civilians in Nabi Cheet. The IDF never gave any reason for why the house had been targeted.[1]

During the Syrian civil war three rockets from Syria hit this town on 13 March, 2014.[2]


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