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Al-Nayrab is located in Syria
Coordinates: 36°10′32″N 37°13′40″E / 36.17556°N 37.22778°E / 36.17556; 37.22778
Country Syria
GovernorateAleppo Governorate
DistrictMount Simeon District
393 m (1,289 ft)
 (2004 census)[1]
 • Total10,018
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)

Al-Nayrab (Arabic: النيرب‎) was a village in Syria, to the south-east of the city of Aleppo in northern Syria. With the urban development, the village was gradually absorbed by the city of Aleppo thus becoming part of it as a district.


Nayrab or Neyrab is the Syriac word for a flat land or water through the valley.


Salih ibn Ali ibn Abdullah ibn Abbas, the Abbasid governor of Bilad al-Sham (Syria), built the Bttiyas Palace on the hill of Nayrab.

Al-Nayrab was a village southeast of Aleppo, with the urbanization of the city have been included Nayrab. And is not located only 10 kilometers from the city center and the fact that the land was lying established by the French military airport, and after the independence was that the airport expansion to include airport and other civilian and military is known as Nayrab Airport and has turned his name now to Aleppo International Airport. According to the Syria Central Bureau of Statistics, Deir Jamal had a population of 10,018 in the 2004 census.[1]

After the 1948 war, Palestinians migrated to the neighboring countries which have been receiving several thousand of them and landed in the barracks near the airport that had been brought by the French army to its soldiers and called the place then Nayrab camp for Palestinians refugees.


The plains of Nayrab are fertile plains where various types of vegetables are grown, in particular cucumbers. Nayrab produces reasonable quantities of olive and pistachio. Also produced are Aljori roses which is the first product of Nayrab and exported to several countries where they are used in the manufacture of perfumes and is essentially in the installation of some medicines, foods and beverages.

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