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The al-Omari (also spelled al-Umari or el-Umari) (Arabic: العمري‎‎) is a family that claims descent from Umar, the second caliph, or leader, of the Islamic empire.

The Iraqi Omaris produced a number of Sunni religious scholars and Ottoman walis, or governors, during the Ottoman period. They were part of an educated Sunni elite. They also served various governments during the Mandatory and Monarchic periods of Iraqi history. Omaris are known as Farooqi in Turkey, South Asia, and some part of the Arab world.

The Al-Omari family name is also found in abundance in Irbid-Jordan, especially in Dayr Yousef, Kufr Asad, Habaka, Marow and Um Qays/ Um Qais, and in other places in nearby countries such as Sandala (Palestine) and Yafa (Palestine).


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