As-Safira District

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as-Safira District

منطقة السفيرة
as-Safira District in Syria
Location of as-Safira District within Aleppo Governorate
as-Safira District is located in Syria
as-Safira District
as-Safira District
Location in Syria
Coordinates (as-Safira): 36°04′N 37°22′E / 36.07°N 37.37°E / 36.07; 37.37
Country Syria
Subdistricts5 nawāḥī
 • Total2,850.56 km2 (1,100.61 sq mi)

as-Safira District (Arabic: منطقة السفيرة‎, translit. manṭiqat as-Safīrah) is a district of Aleppo Governorate in northern Syria. Administrative centre is the city of as-Safira. At the 2004 census, the district had a population of 178,293.[1]

The administrative center of Nahiya as-Safira shown above is the city of as-Safira.
The administrative center of Nahiya Banan shown above is the city of Banan.
The administrative center of Nahiya Al-Hajib shown above is the city of Al-Hajib.
The administrative center of Nahiya Khanasir shown above is the city of Khanasir.

The main towns are as-Safira and Khanasir. The main economic activity is agriculture. Since ancient times, as-Safira was a fertile area where grains and other crops were harvested.


The district of as-Safira is divided into five sub-districts or nawāḥī (population as of 2004[1]):

Subdistricts of as-Safira District
Code Name Area Population Seat
SY020700 as-Safira Nahiya 846.37 km² 132,658 as-Safira
Tell Aran Nahiya Tell Aran
SY020701 Khanasir Nahiya 1,603.98 km² 17,618 Khanasir
SY020702 Banan Nahiya 140.06 km² 17,193 Banan
SY020703 al-Hajib Nahiya 260.16 km² 10,408 al-Hajib

In 2009, the northwestern area around the majority Kurdish city of Tell Aran was spun off al-Safira Nahiya to establish Tell Aran Nahiya.[2]


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