Al-Sahibiyah Mosque

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Al-Sahibiyah Mosque
جامع الصاحبية
Khan al-Wazir with Sahibiyah mosque.jpg
Al-Sahibiyah Mosque adjacent to Khan al-Wazir
Al-Sahibiyah Mosque is located in Ancient City of Aleppo
Al-Sahibiyah Mosque
Location within Ancient City of Aleppo
Basic information
Location Syria Al-Jalloum district, Aleppo, Syria
Geographic coordinates 36°11′59″N 37°09′31″E / 36.1997°N 37.1586°E / 36.1997; 37.1586Coordinates: 36°11′59″N 37°09′31″E / 36.1997°N 37.1586°E / 36.1997; 37.1586
Affiliation Islam
Region Levant
Country Syria
Status Active
Architectural description
Architectural type Mosque
Completed 1350
Dome(s) 2
Materials Stone

Al-Sahibiyah Mosque (Arabic: جامع الصاحبية‎‎) also known as Fustoq mosque (جامع فستق), is a 14th-century mosque in Aleppo, Syria. It is located in the heart of the Ancient City of Aleppo, within the historic walls of the city, near the Khan al-Wazir, in front of Al-Matbakh al-Ajami palace.[1]


The mosque was built in 1350 by Ahmad bin Yaqoub al-Saheb, a high-ranked officer of the Mamluk sultanate in the city of Aleppo. It was known as Al-Saheb madrasa The main entrance is located on the north side of the mosque and characterized with the traditional Islamic muqarnas.

Many old inscriptions could be seen on the western wall of the mosque.