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Al-Sahlah Mosque

Coordinates: 32°2′20.23″N 44°22′46.747″E / 32.0389528°N 44.37965194°E / 32.0389528; 44.37965194
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Al-Sahlah Mosque
مَسْجِد ٱلسَّهْلَة
مسجد السهلة
Masjid as-Sahlah
Ecclesiastical or organisational statusMosque
LocationKufah, Iraq
Al-Sahlah Mosque is located in Iraq
Al-Sahlah Mosque
Location in Iraq
Geographic coordinates32°2′20.23″N 44°22′46.747″E / 32.0389528°N 44.37965194°E / 32.0389528; 44.37965194
TypeIslamic architecture

The Al-Sahlah Mosque (Arabic: مَسْجِد ٱلسَّهْلَة, Masjid as-Sahlah) is one of the primary significant mosques in the city of Kufa, Iraq. The mosque is of great importance to Shia Muslims, and it is believed that the mosque was initially established in Kufa as a neighborhood mosque for the followers of Ali, the early members of the Shia.[1] The mosque is also said to be the future home of the Twelfth Shia Imam, Hujjat-Allah al-Mahdi.[2]: 48–50 

History and design


Ongoing construction to the mosque lead to the completion of a new Sahn, named "The Sahn of Sayyidah Nargis", which was opened to the public in July 2013.[3]



This mosque is revered for the following reasons from narrations according to Twelver Shia belief:


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