Al-Said Barakah

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Al-Said Barakah
Mamluk Sultan
Reign 1277–1279
Predecessor al-Zahir Baibars al-Bunduqdari
Successor Solamish
Born 1260
Died 1280
Al Karak
Birth name Muhammed Barakah Qan (Arabic: محمد بركة قان‎)
Royal name al-Malik al-Said Nasir al-Din Barakah (Arabic: الملك السعيد ناصر الدين بركة‎)
Father al-Zahir Baibars al-Bunduqdari
Dominion of Bahri Mamluks ( red )

Al-Said Barakah (1260–1280; original name: Muhammed Barakah Qan (Arabic: محمد بركة قان‎), royal name: al-Malik al-Said Nasir al-Din Barakah (Arabic: الملك السعيد ناصر الدين بركة) was a Mamluk Sultan who ruled from 1277 to 1279 after the death of his father al-Zahir Baibars al-Bunduqdari.

Barakah was born at Cairo. His succession went smoothly, and al-Said set about limiting the power of the amirs from his father's administration. One, his father's viceroy, died under suspicious circumstances. Others were jailed and then released. In their place, al-Said promoted his own mamluks. He also sent Qalawun and Baysari, two of the most powerful amirs, to raid Cilician Armenia and Qal'at al-Rum in 1279, as a way of keeping them busy and away from the seat of power. Each had 10,000 troops. Al-Said's plan was to have both of them arrested on their return, but another amir, Kuvenduk, warned them of the plan, and when they returned, al-Said was forced to abdicate. His seven-year-old brother Sulamish was placed on the throne in his place, under the guardianship of Qalawun, who became the effective sultan.

Exiled to Al Karak fortress, in Jordan, he died there in 1280.


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