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Al-Saydiya (Arabic:السيدية) is a neighborhood in the Al Rashid district of southwestern Baghdad, Iraq. Baiyaa is to the north and Dora to the east.

A once middle-class district, much of Al-Saydiya was built within the last three decades on prime real estate between Baghdad Airport Road and the main highway where it forks into central Baghdad and south to Basra. Al-Saydiya is one of the turned-Sunni Arab areas after 2006–2007. Before that time it was mixed with respect to the facts that the majority sections of the neighborhood were overwhelmingly Sunni, like the officers' quarter reserved for Hussein loyalists. Minority were Shia. Others were mixed with other religions. Now, by general consent, Saydia was one of the worst areas of Baghdad. Sunni insurgents plant roadside bombs intended for American troops and fire at the mainly Shia policemen from mosques and other buildings overlooking their bases and checkpoints. Thousands of Shia residents have fled. They do not expect to return to Al-Saydiya anymore.

As of 2015, Al-Saydiya remains an (Muslim-Christian)eighborhood, boosted by population from many Iraqi Governorates. The place has calmed down since the end of the war, and currently has many schools and mosques, The most famous school in the district is "Al saydiya highschool for boys ". it is very Economical city. The most famous part of Al Saydiya is its very popular commercial Street (Arabic: الشارع التجاري) that is split into two eastern and western parts, the street is home to many shops that sell clothes, jewelry, makeup and food, it also contains many many medical clinics and some restaurants, there are also some side streets, Such as Al khuzairan, Al Arba'in and Al Munazama streets.

Coordinates: 33°14′59″N 44°21′31″E / 33.2496°N 44.3585°E / 33.2496; 44.3585