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Al-Seyassah Newspaper
Type Daily
Editor-in-chief Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Founded 3 June 1965; 52 years ago (1965-06-03)
Language Arabic
Sister newspapers Arab Times
OCLC number 54902195
Website Al-Seyassah

Al-Seyassah (in Arabic السياسة also transliterated Al-Siyasa and meaning The Politics) is a Kuwaiti daily newspaper published by Dar Al Seyassah Press Publishing Printing and Distribution Co.[1] The editor-in-chief of the newspaper is Ahmed Al-Jarallah.[1]


The paper was launched on 3 June 1965.[2][3][4] In 1968, Al-Jarallah became the owner of Al-Seyassah, which he changed from a weekly magazine to a daily newspaper format.

Naji al-Ali worked on it from 1968 to 1974.[5] In 1977, Jarallah expanded Al-Seyassah into a media group, which also publishes the English-language Arab Times newspaper and the weekly magazine Al-Hadaf (English: The Target).[6]

In 1977, the assets of Al-Seyassah have been estimated at more than five million Kuwaiti dinars ($17.25m) in 1977 values, including a printing plant which was at the time the most modern in the region.[7]

In 2003, the newspaper holds the 4th circulation ranking in Kuwait, with an adult readership of 302,700, a daily circulation of 75,679, and a market share of 16.82%.[1]

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