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Al-Shamsi (الشامسي) is a very large Arabian tribe (with many sub-tribes) that mostly inhabit the northeastern part of the Arabian peninsula. They are located mainly in Northern Oman, the United Arab Emirates, and to a lesser extent Kuwait, Qatar, eastern Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Due to the large nature of the tribe, there are today in fact many branches that trace themselves to Al-Shamsi tribe. Al Shamsi is one of the most respected Arabian Tribes and in every Country it has a branch that rules The Al Shamsi tribe for example in UAE Bin Rahma are the rulers.The most known tribes are: Bin Rahma Bin Hazeem Bin Thawee Al Nayeli Bin Hareb.


It is presumed that Al-Shamsi tribe was the progeny of who was said to be the brother of khraiban "al-nuaimi", and in turn the father of the Al Nuaimi tribe. Therefore, there are two sections of Al Nuaimi tribe, one is Al Bu Khraiban "Al-Nuaimi" and the second is Al Bu Shamis "Al-Shamsi".


It is widely thought that the Al-Shamsi tribe emigrated from Western Arabia to settle around the Sunaynah area (an inland desert area in the Southern of United Arab Emirates or more commonly known as Al-Hamriya region during the late 17th century. Later migrations led some of them to Al Ain oasis towns. The Al Shamsi also were the rulers of Hamriyah Port until the early 1960s before it fell under the rule of the Sharjah Emirate.

  • Bin Omair (بن عمير)

It is thought that Al-Shamsi is related to the following Arabian tribe:[citation needed]

The following are a few of the branches of Al-Shamsi:

  • Bin Rahma بن رحمه
  • Bin Saif بن سيف
  • Bin Hayi بن حي
  • Bin Hazeem بن هزيم
  • Bin Hareb بن حارب
  • Bin Taryam بن تريم
  • Bin Khatm بن خاتم
  • Bin Thawee بن ضاوي
  • Al-Nayli النايلي
  • Bin Al-Nasho بن النشو
  • Al-Drawsha الدروشة(Al Drawsha)
  • Al-Zari الزري
  • Al-Jarwan الجروان
  • Al-Rezzi الرزي
  • Al-Huraimel الحريمل
  • Al-Owais العويس (Al Danooch, Al Hassoun)
  • Al-Hamour الهامور
  • Al-Omran العمران
  • Al-Dowais الدويس
  • Al-Danooch الدنوك

Notable members[edit]

  • Saeed Mohammed Al Shamsi - UAE Diplomat and Ambassador to Australia Saeed Mohammed Al Shamsi
  • Hamad Rahma Al Shamsi - Owner of AlShamsi trading and was one of the leading pioneers in the pearl and fabric industry.
  • Abdulkareem Mohammed Al Amri Al Shamsi - UAE Diplomat, Former Ambassador to South Korea and Ex-President of Arab Authority of Agriculture and Development.
  • Issa Khalfan Al Huraimel Al Shamsi - UAE Diplomat, Former UAE Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iran, Algeria, and Belgium
  • Taryam Omran alshamsi-founder of al khalij times (UAE's first newspaper that isn't owned by the government.)
  • Abdulaziz Nasser Al Shamsi - Protocol of the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs Abdulaziz Nasser Al Shamsi
  • H.E. Maitha Salem Al-Shamsi, PhD - Minister of State and Head of the UAE Marriage Fund, Former Professor, Sociology, United Arab Emirates University, Former Deputy Vice Chancellor, Scientific Research, UAE University [1]
  • H.E. Ali Al Shamsi- Assistant Secretary-General of the Supreme National Security Council and Chair of the Board of the General Authority for the Security of Ports, Borders and Free Zones.

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